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COVID-19 Vaccines

There are new vaccines that protect you and your family against COVID-19. Everyone 6-months and older can be vaccinated.

The vaccine is good at preventing bad cases of COVID-19 and hospitalization. Getting vaccinated helps protect everyone who lives with you, including children and grandparents who might have more risk of getting sick.

Are the vaccines safe?

Yes. COVID-19 vaccines are very safe. The US FDA has approved the use of the vaccines, which means that the FDA found no serious safety problems.

Are there side effects from the vaccine?

Sometimes. Your arm may ache where you got the shot, and you may feel a little sick for a few days. These symptoms are usually mild and don’t last very long. Drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep will help you feel better.

What happens after getting vaccinated?

You may need to come back for another shot a few weeks after your first shot. Your doctor will tell you when to get your next shot. You should also get a booster shot 2-6 months after your last shot to better protect yourself.

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Long COVID – Centers for Disease Control

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